Thursday, October 13, 2005

Drop down and get your QWERTY on

Nokia dropped two new phones today.

The E61 is their first and very late response to the whole Blackberry movement.

PhoneMag Image

Other than built-in Yahoo! and AIM clients built in, the E61 is geared more toward the business client. It has Microsoft Office compatibility, Wi-Fi and the new Symbian 9.1 OS, among other smartphone basics like Bluetooth, Infrared and and a speakerphone.

Like the Blackberry, it has no camera or video functionality, but it refrains from being ridiculously ugly.

The other phone, the E70, is an upgrade to the flip-out QWERTY phones Nokia has been putting out for a while.

Now you see it...

PhoneMag Image

Now you don't

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Despite having the same business-centric features, it also has a 2MP camera, high resolution video recording (not the fuzzy garbage most phones capture), an MP3 player and an audible time reader.
This is something that can go in my pocket with pride.

Carry on Nokia, carry on.


  1. I dig that first nokia joint up there, that shit seems kinda crazy, and alot better than everything that is out there, cause it seems to combine alot more. It's like a Trio, Blackberry, and Sidekick all in one.

  2. The release of that unit with the Blackberry facade was way overdue. On the other hand, I'm not too crazy about the huge flip phones, although it has a camera, which is cool.