Friday, October 14, 2005

Take my wallet, but keep it tidy

Mike Bloomberg is signing city workers to new union contracts like it's an election year.

He recently closed a long battle with the NYC teachers' union by agreeing to a tentative contract after he nearly pushed them to break federal law and strike.

He then managed to squeeze a terror alert for the subway system that officials have agreed was a Code Gray.

Keeping pace he dished out a new contract for sanitation workers. According to the NY Times

"Under the old contract, workers started at $30,000, but under yesterday's deal they will start at an annual rate of $26,000, climb to a $29,000 annualized salary after six months and then reach the maximum of $57,392 five and a half years after being hired. The sanitation workers' starting pay will be higher than the $25,100 rate for police officers."

Garbage men are more important than the cops that have made NYC the safest big city in America.

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Next time you get snatched into a back alley, take the time to notice how clean it is.

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