Thursday, October 13, 2005

Finally, an iPod as pretty as me

iPod in white and black

Apple finally released an iPod with native video playback. Despite the bigger screen creating the optical illusion of it being gimongous it's actually the same length and width as the old iPod, while actually being slimmer than before (the Motorola RAZR being the originator of the electronic anorexia trend.)

The top shelf 60GB model has 20 hrs of battery life (yet only 3 hrs for video) and is still lighter than any of the previous 4th generation iPods. Despite all that hotness, there is still no built in FM radio tuner and it only plays a few (Apple-created) video formats.

It comes in 30 and 60 GB sizes for $300 and $400 and will be stolen back and forth in the NYC subways throughout the holiday season and the New Year.

Please don't actually put U2 on it.

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