Monday, October 24, 2005

I got dirt on you doggy!!!

In an textbook example of "Watch what you name yourself," Killa Cam was almost the killee near a nightclub in D.C. this weekend. Refusing to give up his (pink?)

Lamborghini to a car jacker (what means the world to you...) he was shot through both arms as he sped off. What the hell kind of JFK magic bullet that was able to do this, I have no idea.

Luckily, Cam'ron recovered quickly so there is still a chance he will drop more nuggets of wisdom on the world, similar to those he dropped on Bill O'Reilly in this classic clip (Windows Media Player link.)

After a quick recovery, Cam'ron was released and on his way out the hospital he said to the news cameras, "It was a sloppy job."

So all you interpid carjackers out there, get your shit straight.


1. Pistol whip driver that fool while he's talking slick on his Sidekick
2. Snatch out the driver, preferably through the window as Camron did in "Paid In Full"
3. Drive away

Don't ask them to get out, Killa Cam could have told you this.

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