Tuesday, August 07, 2007

White People Win??

Only time for a quick post because I'm war with my PC (Piece of Crap) and I'm about to holla at Steve Jobs about the new Macs he's going to announce today.
Or not.

Watching this video you would almost think that old rich white people weren't winning...

To all the high level corporate execs who read this blog and are nervous, rest assured you are still winning.
Your predatory lending will only briefly affect your portfolios. Besides look how black people are losing.

The Dow Jones is still above 1300. The status quo is still in full effect.
Tell your boy to be easy.


  1. Yeah...if Jim is right, we all lose. FYI...

  2. Dude needs some Chamomille Tea. There is an feature in the Baltimore City Paper called Murder Ink. It lists the murders for each week and keeps the tally for the year. That's who I know we're losing.

  3. Forgot to say...no matter how right dude is they'll dismiss him because he couldn't say it calmly with is jacket on. Too bad the country could use more genuine emotion.

  4. @Amadeo: I think he went batshit on purpose. He attracted more media attention by going batshit than he might have saying things calmly. That's desirable, because he needs middle American on his side as well as corporate America. Otherwise, people would think he was just trying to bail out his Wall Street cronies.

    Also, we know white people are winning because I heard about the kid at Delaware State who faked a pregnancy for nine months before I heard about the three that were shot execution style.

  5. Thanks for the nod to Oliver Hill. I got to know his son and daughter-in-law really well in college (big up to VSU alums) and had some good times listening to him talk about his work. He lived a full life though and not too many black men are making it to 100 these days.

  6. We are definately losing...reading about the kids in Newark in the local paper here in Sweden. While Jim makes valid points, the emotion looks cartoonish and yes, he may know people that are wringing their hands, I think i'll just keep mine under the mattress for now.

  7. These investors decided risky ass loans were a good business move and now they want to get a multi billion dollar bail out from the gov't.

    SIOOMA Wall Street.