Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fake Steve Jobs Is Saving the Internet

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Dude, I invented the friggin iPod. Have you heard of it?

The internet hates me along with Toshiba. Never fuck with Toshiba computers.
If you have laptop money I say get that new Dell XPS 1330 or a MacBook and don't forget Start Snitching needs one too when your checking out.

While I fight the good computerless fight, enjoy the comic stylings of Fake Steve Jobs. If you don't know, Fake Steve Jobs was an anonymous tech writer, before he was outed by the New York Times, who mocked the entire technology world and world at large through the smug and self-righteous voice of Apple's CEO. The more you know about technology the funnier it is. It was and remains the best idea ever for a blog. In fact the real Steve Jobs and Bill Gates both admitted to reading his blog.

That's some high quality readership I could fuck with. Not that I don't appreciate the poors that read my site now, but a few billionaires never hurt anyone's blog traffic.

This is his greatest post ever.

SIOOMA for life.

And when you're done with that has an important brochure about a powerful disease sweeping the black community.


Don't be next.


  1. Toshi was almost half a decade old. It was time to let her go.

  2. Rich... with ideas, son. Billions! I thought you knew that.

  3. His tag line is killer. I'm trying to spread that Baduizm knowledge as well.

  4. That's real funny. Too bad the people at Oh Word are some bitches who will delete your comments if you criticize their views

  5. Got the heads up on the Baduism from DP! Steve is a piece of work to say the least, at least his alter ego was accessable.

  6. I didnt know Oh Word did that. I've seen comments left up of people who disagreed.

    Baduizm is still classic.