Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Say It Ain't So Vick

I don't know why I feel sort of bad for Michael Vick.

I'm not disappointed because I don't expect shit from professional athletes. They tend to live up to their stereotypes and Michael Vick didn't exactly become a sadistic dog fighter/murderer by accident.

He can't truly apologize for his actions.

It's just kind of sad that he ended up being what his detractors hoped and it's also shocking how quickly this story unraveled.

He went from being a few months away from his most important season ever to now entertaining the possibility of never playing in the NFL again.

It's hard for me to imagine how dumb one person could be. He's 27. Pretty young but old enough to know what he was doing.

He ended up being more than a coach killer.
He was a dog killer.
An owner killer. (Arthur Blank really believed in that guy.)
And a team killer.

Can you imagine getting ready for the season and then you find out that your starting QB is going to prison?

Can you imagine Donovan McNabb slinging coke in the off-season?
Or Peyton Manning running an Eastern European prostitution ring after his Super Bowl victory?

What a fucking idiot.

Thanks for making the NFL a little more boring this year Vick.


  1. I asked 3 generations of my family about the Vick case and nobody gave a shit about those dogs.

    **NEWSFLASH: This just in!!!**

    Dogs arent people. They cant be murdered. Those 3 kids in NJ were murdered.

    People who try and anthropomorphize dogs are delusional. I find the outrage over this case fake and hypocritical.

    Dogfighting sure as hell shouldnt be a federal crime and it isnt worth years in jail.

    Oh and Fuck PETA too.

    Penn & Teller - Bullshit PETA episode




  2. Vick is a fucking idiot. Think about how stupid he must have been not to have deaded the dogfighting once he saw 1st hand how his brother threw away his career.

    But this outrage from sports fans is bullshit. How much do you want to bet that most of the ones calling for Vick's head are conservative hunting afficianados?

  3. Stupid on his part, but the people lining up to boo him are even worse. There are better thing to protest than someone already going on trial for something.

  4. I can easily imagine Peyton Manning running an Eastern European prostitution ring. That guy will sell anything.

  5. Peyton Manning is a corporate whore. I could see him doing that in retrospect.

    Vick is so fucked. Dogs aren't people but unnecessary cruelty on his level is subhuman and psychotic. Electrocuting a dog?

    His dad warned him and he still lost.

  6. co-sign go14.

    I love dogs. i LOVE footbal. and, i'm from atlanta... but ummmm, there is nothing in the world that can convince me this man should go to jail behind this.

    Read the plea agreement online - there is nothing in there admiting to dog fighting or executions. It's all in the wording. Not only is HE not saying he's guilty, but the prosecuters are saying it as well b/c they are the one's that arragned the plea.

    Please believe, if they had solid, solid evidence on Vick, they wouldn't need the plea. Please explain to me how this NEVER came out in the 6 years they claim he was partaking in these activities. You mean to tell me that NOBODY. and I mean NOBODY, has snitched on this man in all this time? It took the feds to come to his property on some other shit for this to be made public? How many of you could tell me that if you saw Vick at a dog fight you wouldn't try to get a pic on your cell phone or tell 2 or 3 people????

    Come the fuck on!

    Someone said dogfighting shouldn't be a federal crime and you're right about that. And you know what's worse... it wasn't. Until 8 days AFTER the feds raided his property! The whole SIX year timeframe pinpointed in the indictment, this offence was a misdemeanor. That means you pay a damn fine and keep it moving. Go on back to your regular life and leave that shit alone. You don't get hemmed up with the feds and face years and years in jail.

    Kinda magical how it all works out, huh...