Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Iraq Says Bye to Karl Rove

Karl Rove, AKA Bush's Brain (the worst thing any human could be called) announced his resignation Monday.

It seems Iraq threw him a goodbye bash today, as over 200 people were killed in an attack near the Iraqi-Syrian border on Tuesday. Mass murders are so blah I could barely find a picture.

  • “Half the houses are completely collapsed because they were made from clay, said Capt. Mohammed Ahmad of the Iraqi army’s Third Division. He said that a market, a bus station and scores of families were obliterated.

    Another Iraqi officer described the scene as apocalyptic: “It looks like a nuclear bomb hit the villages,” he said.

Fox News reported the event as a small fireworks display.

That's half a man being scooped into a truck.
This is the legacy that the Bush administration, which Rove fought so shamelessly to empower, will live behind.
Rove is a "man" who made it a mission to demonize gays and gay marriage throughout the last 2 presidential campaigns, only for me to find out that Rove's own father was gay and that they had a close relationship. What type of person does that?

It will be interesting to see what kind of sendoff these guys get as they try to walk off in the sunset.


  1. Whats happening in Iraq is so incredibly sad. I can't not imagine the type of anger that Iraqi people have towards America. Cutting and running is not going to help. Iraq was defintly beter when Sadam was in power.

  2. I equate Rove's leaving to a rat jumping a sinking ship.

  3. I think chic noir may be looking for the word "different", not "better". America is worse off having involved itself in Iraq, and our involvement has introduced certain new problems to Iraq. However, certain old problems have tempered or even disappeared, and the new problems are largely a function of development, so I would not say that Iraq was better under dictatorship.

    Iraq was not Cuba.

    The more I think about Iraq, the more I think it was just a Catch-22 type situation--as would be involvement in most any country wherein the government or insurgents against the presiding government are committing grave crimes against humanity.

    Iraq is experiencing civil war right now. And, to me, such a war should be expected in any country experiencing drastic social change. A change from a dictatorship to an attempt at democracy is as drastic a change as there is.

    There is a balance test somewhere which might determine when foreign involvement in a country is advisable, but its reliability is unpredictable. (As a sidenote, it is funny how so many of the people shouting "Leave Iraq!" also shout "Save Darfur!" Don't they realize how easily Sudan could become another Iraq?) One thing is for certain: if we leave Iraq now, it would be incredibly irresponsible. People think it is bad now. All hell would break loose.

    Ultimately, the question becomes "Whose lives are more valuable to us? American lives or Iraqi lives?" Nobody wants to hear it, but it is as valid a question as one could ask while analyzing America's next steps in this mess. Even though people were dying before the invasion, in our decision to invade, we became responsible for the droves of lives lost on both sides.

  4. I hate how someone who came up with so many different plans for Bush to use (that worked) still used the old, "Spend more time with my family" as a reason to resign.

  5. Iraq was BETTER.

    A little rape and kidnapping under Sadam is better than lots of rape and kidnapping all over the country.

    A little murder under Sadam is better than mass murder bombings.

    Sadam was shit but he was an important and powerful man. He held that shithole together.