Friday, March 16, 2007

NYC Dodged a Bullet Sean Bell Didn't Get To

(Still making it rain for Sean...)

New York just dodged a big ass riot by indicting 3 of the officers involved in the Sean Bell shooting.

Shit was already getting hot for the NYPD, 2 cops were shot by a pizzeria (video of the shooting here is pretty crazy) a few days ago and another one caught a bullet up in Harlem.

The Grand Jury tried some shady shit by bringing in a "mystery witness" who claimed to have seen a fourth man jump out of the car and shoot at the police, but Bloomberg shut all that down with the quickness. With black male joblessness around 50% in NYC, there a lot of Negroes with the free time to share their unpleasant feelings about a grand jury ruling they weren't feeling.

Y'all thought those poor Africans who rioted in the French suburbs two years ago were gully?

U.S. Negroes export ignorance overseas through (c)rap music, so rest assured the French got their rioting strategies from us. A NYC area riot would put the East Coast back on the map. With NYC's crime rate dropping like the black population in Harlem, ghetto New Yorkers have been waiting for the opportunity to prove their gulliness.

Luckily, they didn't get their chance and blacks remain placated. Nothing to see here colored folk. Please get back to "throwing some D's on that bitch."


- Management

Meanwhile, as NYC gets safer and more Disneyfied the rest of the country has lost their damn minds.

You know shit is real in the field when a little girl's dog got Godfathered (meaning her dog's head was cut off and sent to her.)

Are New Yorkers actually safer staying home?


  1. Rochester is gully.

  2. Bell cop's wild $4,200 bash day after indictment outrages even supporters

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