Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snitch of the Week: 2/11 - 2/17 (Make It Rain For Sean Bell)

(1-800-LAWYER worked for me!)

A picture of a random jig taking MySpace pictures with his money isn't that shocking without a bit of context.

My mans and 'em over at www.DallasPenn.Com/weblog put me onto this link and what I saw made me a little bit nauseous.

The above jig is Trent Benefield, who was in the car with Sean Bell and Joseph Guzman when the NYPD sprayed their car up on Sean Bell's wedding day. He caught a few bullets in the process.

As the link says,

  • Various people through out the community came to the side of these young men. Donations were made to help out the victims in order to somehow help ease there pain through this time.

What did Trent Benefield do with the support and donations of the black community and all those who felt for him and showed their love?

He set his MySpace page up with pics of his newfound balla status.

Fuck a Sean Bell, I'm getting paid nigga!!!

Shit like this is why reparations will NEVER be a real political issue. There are just too many coons out there ready to act the damn fool for that second of shine.

This also raises the question of what exactly where these dudes doing in a shady strip club that night. I still think the NYPD officers involved fucked the fuck up and deserve serious prison time for what they did, but Sean Bell and everyone in the car all had real criminal records (I'm not talking about jaywalking) and shit like this makes it seem like profiling only happens to "bad" black people.

When Trent Benefield is the face of your tragedy it makes it harder to unify your cry for racial justice.

For calling out your coon status and shedding light on the many social issues this case brings up, Trent Benefield is the Snitch of the Week. It's over for black people.

Dead Prez said, "Would you rather have a Lexus or justice?"

Fuck Justice.
Let's just make it rain.


  1. Wow. This is the most ridiculous shit ever. This is like a deleted scene from Chappelle's reparations skit.
    That Lil Boosie video was amazing too, it's good to see a rapper who achieves every hood cliché in less than 3 minutes. I'm a big fan of your blog.

  2. Wow, this was on point...

    Sometimes I think the media only likes to grab hold to the profiling stories that involve ignant black folks.

  3. Check out what Chuck D has to say about snitching on Stereo Warning

    (Hint: he's for it)

  4. Dude is killing the thought of donations for cats in the future.

  5. After initially seeing this, I was mad for at least two days. This is prolly the most offensive coonery i've seen in a minute.

    reparations? puh-lease.

    wait..i'm still a little salty.

  6. You know, you might be taken seriously if you weren't so damn stupid yourself. There's Black AND White shitheads. When White people are perfect, THEN you can talk like you're above everyone else but I can see you're a clown nigger yourself just without the melanin.