Monday, March 19, 2007

Chris Rock Is Still Hilarious

Peep this clip of Chris promoting his new movie, "I Think I Love My Wife" and dropping politics on HBO's "Real Time."

Shit is hilarious. "Real Time" is actually pretty good too.

Anyone saw the movie?

It didn't do that hot last weekend, but none of Chris Rock's movies really do. And besides it doesn't have the lowest common denominator coon factor that a "Norbitt" has. It was actually based on a French film. Not exactly box office gold.

What's next movie marketing people?
An inspirational movie about black people swimming?

Oh wait,

My bad.

- Also, didn't I tell y'all that NYC negroes where fiending for a riot?

Sean Bell verdict be damned, the negroes will riot!
Surely a slightly hard foul between two Brooklyn basketball teams is a worthy cause for an uprising...

As always, I blame rap.


  1. Miserable and happy. I can't wait.

    And Terrence needs to sit down with that big ass afro crying over swimming. I guess even he knew Black people can't swim.

    That movie could not have happened post the dawn of the jheri curl.

  2. I saw I think I love my wife and thoroughly enjoyed it, is it a great movie? no. But it was an entertaining movie. The girl i was with HATED it though, and in reflection it is probably more of a guy movie, as I completely understood what the Chris Rock character was going through. Bottom line is if you like Chris Rock's comedy, you'll like the movie, if you don't then you won't

  3. You would think the lowest common denominator would at least enjoy Kerry Washington. She is ridiculous in that movie! Her fine ass is probably the reason Chris' girl hated the movie so much.

    But I agree, if you like Chris Rock's comedy, you'll most likely enjoy I think I love my Wife.

  4. I still don't know what to make of that Terrence Howard swimming movie.

    - I feel like it you liked that Chris Rock interview, you will like his movie, plus Kerry Washington looked all types of ridiculous in those trailers.

    I'm gonna check this out on my next movie hop day.

  5. Chris Rock was fabulous and ummm...are you sure that wasnt you trying to sock that chick? LMAO

  6. The little coons were wrong, yes. But this is why I hate police officers. Did they have to go at that little fool like they were mad about not getting ass in a month? And CBS news is so bold with those cameras. Did they lift that ban against cams in the subway? Thanks to CBS news, the terrorists are going to win.

  7. Cameras are allowed in the train stations. The dropped the ban. But supposedly you can't walk between the carts. Right.

    The terrorists didn't win in the MTA... yet.