Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Shield Is So Close I Can Taste It

(Pull it, please...)

It's been more than 12 months since The Shield was on the air, but by God, that holy time at 10 PM on Tuesday is coming to FX on April 3rd.

I found this interview on IGN with the most hated man on cable television, Walt Goggins, who plays Shane on the show. He's actually much smarter than you'd imagine based on how damn stupid Shane is.

There is a 15-minute mini-episode on Yahoo! TV that picks up right where the 5th season ended. It's good stuff.

While the Sopranos whimpers to a close and Lost becomes lost in own mythical bullshit, The Shield continues to be as relevant and powerful as ever. With the ethnic tensions in L.A.; the father-son relationship between Vic and Shane; all the betrayal and hypocrisy that exists between them, along with the depth of the supporting cast and Oscar-winning actor, Forest Whitaker coming back, The Shield is going to be on some Shakespearean shit this season.


  1. I feel you HR. This is consistently one of the best shows on TV, and the drama this season will get ratcheted up to ridiculous levels. I can't wait.

  2. Oh snap, you just spoiled season 5's ending for me. We're still at the end of season 4 in Finland...

  3. fin - It makes it sad that shit like Nip/Tuck, which is now awful, is FX's number 1 show. America would be a better place if more people were up on it.

    Perttu - Didn't mean to spoil it. My bad.

    I figured Season 5 ended so long ago and with the BitTorrent sites everyone who watched the show was up to date by now.

    Plus I forgot the international realities on US TV.

    I don't want to encourage piracy, *ahem* but you can catch Season 5 here,

    And keep up here www.eztvefnet.org once it starts.

    Season 5 is still incredible and worth watching.

  4. Oh wow! those freakin' flash backs always get me. 2 weeks and counting!!!

  5. Too bad this show is stuck on FX. If it were on HBO it would be the hottest thing on TV

  6. I won't knock FX. They gave The Shield the chance which was pretty gully of them given how crazy the show is. Although the Shield website could be better.

    But yea, if this shit was on HBO, I would lose my mind. How much more graphic could this show get?

    I already feel like it's on HBO sometimes.

  7. HR, no problem. I see you edited out the potential spoiler.

    While I do appreciate the concept of "BitTorrent TV" and watched seasons 1 through 3 of The Wire almost in one sitting, some shows you just want to savour. Every Tuesday night I come home from basketball practice, crack open a beer, push play on my set-top box, and enjoy The Shield.

    With all this hype around season 5, I might have to start leeching, though.

  8. i've been a sporadic viewer of the shield before, but when the season 5 storyline really heated up i was on that shit.

    i think lost needs to get wrapped up soon before they start thinking of some wild ideas that make absolutely no sense even in that world.

  9. They updated the site for all those who care.

    There are some ill wallpapers and interview clips up on there.