Thursday, March 22, 2007

Will The Muslims Ever Love Us?

(If he can't make 'em, no one can.)

You may be thinking, "What the fuck does Wolverine have to do with the Middle East?" so let me explain.

Marvel Comics is opening a $1 billion comic book theme park in 2011, located in the Dubai of the United Arab Emirates. This is fresh off of the United Arab Emirates buying the rights to open a Louvre in Abu Dhabi for $1.3 billion.

Keep in mind this is the same country that got shut the fuck down when they tried to buy the American ports.

Despite our accusing them of being terrorists trying to bomb our ports, which some of them might be, they are still going forward with serious moves to Westernize their country. As one of the more "liberal" areas in the Middle Easts, it would make sense that they Westernize their country as much as possible to appeal to those that pump the tourism dollars into their country.

These mother fuckers are so damn liberal that they are already planning for when the oil runs out, so that they can hook us on the wind, solar and hydrogen power crack when they get it popping. It'll be a damn shame if the oil runs out and we are still looking to the Arab world for our new energy fix.

Reading about the Louvre and a Marvel Comics theme park in the UAE, got me thinking of other places in the Middle East don't have even have love for their fellow Muslims, let alone for the West. Peep this article about the terrorists who used children to get past a military checkpoint, then jumped out of the car, left the children inside and then blew the car up.

They did all of this and only killed 3 people, who were Muslim civilians. In terrorist math that's a net Jihad gain of 1.

When people are willing to kill 2 kids just to get 3 civilians, you have to look at the UAE new initiatives and wonder if they will be terrorist targets.

Will the Al-Qaedas try to take out the X-Men roller coaster?
Will the Taliban try to cut off the Arab Mona Lisa's head at the Louvre?

These symbols of Western culture will surely be sexy ass targets for the freedom-haters and who knows that the state of the Middle East will be next decade in 2011 when these projects launch?

I have no idea, but I do know that if they want to have a chance to survive out there, Wolverine needs to be the Western ambassador to the Middle East. Think about it, he's violent, loves blades, he's hairy and anti-authority, he was betrayed by the government and although he's Canadian we think of him as American and overseas it's better to be Canadian than American anyway.

I got it all figured out Secretary of State Condi Rice.
Holla at Start Snitching.


  1. Dubai has been on my short list of desired travel destinations for a few years, and its brand new theme park had made me all the more eager to visit. Damn you crafty muslims.

  2. Eff that, as soon as I have enough money I want to go to that spinning hotel they're building.

  3. You can bet that the Marvel theme park is just the ticket to send my black ass to Valhalla! I will be right in que with the rest of the non suspecting...


  5. I would risk a suicide bomb for the chance to go to a Marvel Theme Park.

    I'm gully like that.

    - Also that Google Pages site is nuts. Thanks for that link.