Thursday, March 29, 2007

Jesse Jackson Loves Obama

(I see the future! And it's biracial!!!)

Start Snitching is busy trying to eat cheeseburgers with LeBron James and Warren Buffett, but I just saw that Jesse Jackson is ready to let go of the 80's and endorse Obama.

I'd take that nomination over Al Sharpton's anyday.

Maybe some of the Negro sheep out there will drop their foolish bellyaching about Obama's nigrosity and get on board.


  1. I wouldn't bet on it. Jessie'ss clout seems to have diminished after he showed up at the Superdome after Katrina wearing his gold Rolex and not bearing any gifts.

  2. Cosign. Nobody who votes gives a shit about Jesse Jackson anymore.

  3. Jesse Jackson also showed up to Terry Schiavo's deathbed like an asshole.

    I don't like Jackson.

    Symbolically though, I think it's important for black politicians not to appear like bitter bitches because Obama has the shine.

    I'm not saying blacks should blindly support everything every black person does. Weak groupthink is a disease, but I think the cries against Obama are BS and deserves some backing.

  4. I agree. How many of us can go back further than a generation or two and produce an id from the motherland.
    I say stamp his wrist and let him through the rope...

  5. I think your comment is ironic considering how much you are playing into weak groupthi
    Visual verificationnk.

  6. I'm guessing that anonymous comment was directed at me?

    If it was, let me just clear up that I am not supporting Obama because he's black.

    If you read this site, you know I call out anyone that deserves it.

    I'm not giving Obama a blind pass and there is a lot of time to go before the election.

    I'm saying that black people need a better reason to hate on Obama than the fact that he wasn't born and raised in Selma or Atlanta.