Friday, May 02, 2008

Don't Blame Rap: It's Just a Mirror to the Hood

I think I saw some people burning dollars by the soup kitchen in my hood.

Fucking disgraceful.
I think it's time we all stop pretending that rap speaks to everyday black people anymore than a board meeting at Exxon speaks to the everyday white person.


  1. Rick Ross is the depiction of a lot of wrongs in this country. Dude needs to act responsible, is it that hard to act like a normal human being? People think just because they have cash on hand they are someone people look up to. People should look up to those who are smart and charitable with their cash not burning it with the end of a fucking blunt. The funny thing is Jay-Z is man in the rap game which people look up to because of his investments and leadership, but he leads this goon and puts him in the forefront, he's just as guilty.

  2. Peep game.

    NYOIL - The difference between Niggers and Blacks