Thursday, May 22, 2008

Obama (Hearts) Jews, Really...

(Oi with the blackness and the name!)

As Obama begins to shed the filth that was Hillary and the Democratic primary and heads towards the general, he continues to be evaluated through his "problems" with various demographics.

  • Obama's women problem
  • Obama's working class problem
  • Obama's rural problem

The truth is these group's have problems with Obama because of their own fucking ignorance.

Women believe that Hillary failed because she's a woman and not because she's a spineless, war-mongering self-obsessive. They think McCain won't overturn abortion because he's a "maverick."

Working class people who think Clinton, being a $100 millionaire who can't use a coffee machine or a gas pump really gets them deserve four more years of being chewed up and spit out by our capitalistic machine.


I won't even touch rural whites.

And now the newest bullshit issue is Obama's Jewish problem.

Email smears going around questioning Obama's committment to Israel have forced him to adopt a more hard-line love for Israel with less of the nuance he seems to bring to other issues.

  • Some Jewish voters are turned off by his willingness to negotiate with countries like Iran and Syria. Others reject Obama because of e-mails spreading false rumors about him.
You know, the same shit every President ever has done is now a problem because Black Madrassa, my brother's nickname for Barack Obama, is the candidate.

Before I go in I have to defer to Friedman's column in the Times that summed up a good part of this issue,

  • Pssst. Have you heard? I have. I heard that Barack Obama once said there has to be “an end” to the Israeli “occupation” of the West Bank “that began in 1967.” Yikes!

    Pssst. Have you heard? I have. I heard that Barack Obama said that not only must Israel be secure, but that any peace agreement “must establish Palestine as a homeland for the Palestinian people.” Yikes!

    Pssst. Have you heard? I have. I heard that Barack Obama once said “the establishment of the state of Palestine is long overdue. The Palestinian people deserve it.” Yikes! Yikes! Yikes!

    Those are the kind of rumors one can hear circulating among American Jews these days about whether Barack Obama harbors secret pro-Palestinian leanings. I confess: All of the above phrases are accurate. I did not make them up.

    There’s just one thing: None of them were uttered by Barack Obama. They are all direct quotes from President George W. Bush in the last two years. Mr. Bush, long hailed as a true friend of Israel, said all those things.

This proves again that Obama as a black man, faces a different standard than Bush, McCain or any white politician. This is why Rev. Wright's ignorant rants and raves about black children and white children having different brains got attention much faster than McCain's preacher pal Hagee claiming that Hilter was sent by God to force the Jews from Europe.

It took months of liberal digging and prodding until they forced Hagee's record out into the open and made McCain reject Hagee's endorsement after actively seeking it.

But what can you expect in this country when white radicalism is the norm. This is a country that had picnics around bodies of black men swinging from trees.
Fuck a MySpace, killing blacks was the original social network.

Thomas Friedman had another point,

  • Personally, as an American Jew, I don’t vote for president on the basis of who will be the strongest supporter of Israel. I vote for who will make America strongest. It’s not only because this is my country, first and always, but because the single greatest source of support and protection for Israel is an America that is financially and militarily strong, and globally respected. Nothing would imperil Israel more than an enfeebled, isolated America.

THANK YOU. Hyphen-Americans should care more about America and less about the hyphen. Why is it that Israel gets its own unique fucking consideration as a foreign policy issue?

Why do Jewish/Israeli-AMERICANS worry first about Israel?

I'm Carribean/American and no one has explained their jerk chicken/shrimp roti policy to me yet.
Can I get a free trip to Trini Carnival in 2009?
Can John McCain do the dutty wine with a Red Stripe in hand/
And we make Machel Montano's "Craziness" the national anthem?

Also, what do politicians think about Nigeria, Iceland or Australia?
Oh what's that?
Nobody gives a fuck.

I understand that Israel is in a geopolitical shit zone that needs constant monitoring and support but they are not our perfect and holy ally.

They fuck up. Badly.
See their last war.

Our blind support of and refusal to seriously criticize Israel does more harm than good.
Israel is a country that has been exposed as a nation that SPIES ON AMERICA.

(Worth watching)

Think of another Middle Eastern country that could do that and still receive more foreign aid than any other nation in the world.

Yet Jewish people still insist on supporting candidates that enrage the Middle East and give Israel carte blanche.

If you care more about Israel than America did George Bush really make your country safer?
Is that region of the world better off now than it was 8 years ago?

I understand Obama's need to fight double standards and ignorance at every corner he turns but these smears on his real record force him to take positions that alienate him with those who realize that Israel is flawed, like every country in the world.

  • But the resistance toward Mr. Obama appears to be rooted in something more than factual misperception; even those with an accurate understanding of Mr. Obama share the hesitations. In dozens of interviews, South Florida Jews questioned his commitment to Israel — even some who knew he earns high marks from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which lobbies the United States government on behalf of stronger ties between the U.S. and Israel.

    “You watch George Bush for a day, and you know where he stands,” said Rabbi Jonathan Berkun of the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center.

    Many here suspect Mr. Obama of being too cozy with Palestinians, while others accuse him of having Muslim ties, even though they know that his father was born Muslim and became an atheist, and that Mr. Obama embraced Christianity as a young man. In Judaism, religion is a fixed identity across generations.

Anyone that thinks Obama has any racial advantage in his run for presidency needs to peek out their window.


  1. stop buying into this whole election bullshit...

  2. Um, ok.
    you convinced me.
    8 more year of Bush!

  3. Of course this all of is on point. The best thing about this election has been watching people who have been trying to say shit like we live in post-racial country and that racism is dead get exposed as full of it daily. The worst is that people like us who's parent told us to get educations and work hard and we'll be judged fairly also get exposed as being full of it. Barack Obama is Harvard Law former U. of Chicago president, he's everything that a black parent dreams about for their child, hell, he's everything a white parent would dream for their child and yet for millions of "hard working white Americans" that shit ain't good enough solely based on the color of his skin. It's not just the rednecks either, educated Jews, who should fucking no better too or going for it. This is simultaneously the highest and lowest point in American history if that's possible.

  4. Things like this make me want to leave the country...only problem is I'll still have to worry about America.

  5. Ive always wondered why the hell an American presidential candidate has to kow tow as to how he has to protect another sovereign nation.

    The US has other allies surrounded by hostile nations and no one gives a crap.

  6. I didn't know about the story on Jewish spies. See what you learn when you don't depend on the mainstream media?

    Now, regarding Obama having to endure double standards, it should come as no surprise that he'd be hit with the Black Tax. There's nothing to be done about those voting blocs who weren't checking for him anyway.

    He's educated, articulate, charming, and has a pretty good senatorial record (especially compared to Billary) and still he's not good enough. They're not voting for him on the grounds that he's a Black man and/or because it's Billary turn. Let them continue into regression and retard themselves with misinformation via some forwarded emails that can be debunked on Snopes. Critical thinking is not popular with many in the US.

  7. How much is a gallon of Gas in Isreal, ?