Sunday, May 04, 2008

I Fux with Bill Moyers

I hate Jeremiah Wright. Not because I like Obama, but because he represents the selfish, useless, backward looking, blame whitey, anti-accountability, short-term solution thinking of old guard black institutions.

But Bill Moyers hit this shit perfectly.

Holla at Moyers from time to time.
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  1. you know what man? after reading this wiki article "
    Jeremiah_Wright_political_controversy" that shows all of Wright's controversial comments, i gotta say that with the sole exception of the "government inventing aids" comment, the rest doesn't really seem all that controversial. I mean here me out, was any of what he said untrue? did he spin the truth? Yeah the hiv virus one was bad but it doesn't negate the validity of the other comments does it?

    another blogger i read articulated this issue best:

    "Wright attacks what is actually going on, while cataloguing what actually happened. Hagee and [Pat] Robertson spin the violence and bigotry into something they consider beautiful and holy."


    read those two blog articles and tell me if the dude is wrong.

    The controversy is political based, not a fact based one.

  2. I don't understand the hate for Jeremiah Wright.

    The man is being blasted for telling the truth, and too many Black people are jumping on the bandwagon, forgetting that whether or not Obama is elected ultimately means very little to Black America.

  3. There is a racial double standard for preachers just like there is one for black people in every other fucking field of life.

    But he was like Obama's dad and decided that cooning in front of cameras repeat, old and pathetic black consipracies was more important than helping his mentee.

    Nothing he said was important or urgent.

    1. AIDS by the govt? Yawn, what are you doing about it now.

    2. Blacks and whites have different brains? Another christian selling junk science and using the same arguments that racists use to prove blacks are genetically stupid.

    3. Mocking JFK's accent. Really purposeful...

    4. Praising Farrakhan, ignorant racist and leader of a cult ass version of Islam who has little qualms about the Malcolm X's death...

    I thought y'all were smarter than to praise Wright as some kind of prophet.

    He's a pimp who wants the keep the old kill whitey rhetoric going and the spotlight back.