Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sean Bell Day Is Tomorrow

Riots for profit and justice!

If Sean Bell doesn't get justice tomorrow, I'm putting a garbage can through a window and copping a HDTV and at least two PS3's.

Bring your duffel bags.


Thank the judge in the Sean Bell case at his home. (Peacefully with a letter...)

Arthur J Cooperman
11523 Grosvenor Road
Richmond Hill, NY 11418

I already picked the Best Buy that will be donating to my living room.
I also uploaded a MuxTape for Sean Bell because I felt like it.

Fuck work.

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  1. Get the garbage can ready...

    There was no justice.


  2. Be safe young man and stay outta trouble. I plan to keep my Black ass out of harm's (cops') way.

  3. Some random thoughts about the verdict:

    With this not guilty verdict, I think they actually gave the "Stop Snitching" crowd more credibility. The efforts to get witnesses to crime to come forward, the efforts to get the pubic to believe the police can help them, has gone into the toilet yet again.

    What ever happened to shoot to disable, as opposed to shoot to kill?

    When the one officer had time to re-load, didn't he once stop to think, "Wait, there's no one shooting at us?"

    There's so many things wrong here, it would take days to go through them all.

  4. "I thought he had a gun"

    The police magic get out of jail free card.

    "God Bless America? No, No, No God Damn America that's in the Bible for for killing innocent people"

    Doesn't seem so extreme now does it?