Tuesday, April 01, 2008

How Much Is Your Dignity Worth?

Please don't ask how I found this picture on Flickr.

The question I was asking at work today is this,

What would someone have to pay you to carry and use this water bottle for one month during the summer?

Sweet Jesus...


  1. An Endless Supply of Water!!

  2. could double as a super soaker..

  3. If the price was high enough I suppose i coudl do it, but damn, thats tough. I'd realistically say something along the lines of 10's of thousands. at 15 thousand, I'd be itching, and at 20,000 I'd probably have to bite. NO PUN INTENDED!!

    If I were in a better place financially, the price for my dignity would rise exponentially.

    BTW, how exactly did you find this pic?

  4. Liquidate my debt, and I'm fine with it. I live in NYC --- any and every weirdo is welcome.

  5. how did you find that picture on flickr?