Monday, April 07, 2008

Setting Humanity Back a Few Millenia

I don't want to become a link farm but in lieu of time to post in length I gotta share the shit that crushes my soul so I don't suffer alone.

As a music lover and music player (in my ancient past) this video hurts on several levels.

The product is so dumb the blog that discovered it trashed it completely and was contacted by the company's PR firm.
Gotta love Gizmodo.


I think Lil Wayne just bought 15 of these.


  1. Why does something that looks so hi-tech sound so 80s cheesy?

  2. Dogs, You just took hyperbole to a new level. CRUSHES YOUR SOUL?? LOL. You're funny as hell. Granted, this thing is an abomination to music, but its just a toy, like a casio keyboard, with no keys and it will probably b endorsed by Polow da don as a new instrument.

    More Cowbell!!! ROFL!!

  3. I'm still trying to figure out why DJ's are using laptops....
    they don't even break a sweat anymore!