Saturday, April 26, 2008

Batman is not Al-Qaeda

When I first saw this poster I didn't think "Oh noes! Not the 9-1-1!" until I saw a bunch of blogs bring up the connection.

As a NYer who was hit hard by 9/11 I think it's time to get the fuck over the hypersensitivity and enjoy the new Batman movie.


  1. word, people are too fucking sensitive. can we expect a post on josh howard being the snitch of the week for saying most dudes in the NBA smokes bud? (on a side note, charles oakley said that 70% of the league blazed during his raptor days)

  2. Memo to New Yorkers:

    Gotham City, although a pastiche of New York, isnt a real city.

    If Cloverfield didnt get your panties in a bunch Batman shouldnt either.

  3. these same overly sensitive motherfuckers on 911, are incredibly callous when it comes to shit like the Sean Bell murder or Amadou Diallo. It is fitting that this is exposed through Batmna, because their powers of hypocrisy is at a superhuman level.

  4. potentially upsetting images aside; that's one badass poster.

  5. Jesus Jumped Up Palomino...I hope I get famous one day just so I can say things that piss people off. You can't use similies or metaphors without having to apologize. Everything reminds people of some tragedy...The new symbol of America should be a man crying in front of Whole Foods as he leans on a Hybrid.

  6. Ahem on that last comment Amadeo.

    9/11 has been abused for much worse than whatever people see in the Batman poster.