Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Black People Miss Slavery

Life got me for a minute but I'm back and there's no time to waste because little Black kids are sambo dancing for fun.

I saw this shit a minute ago but I ignored it because it looked so damn ignorant.

Now I find out it is an actual "song" with a music video to match that has some degree of popularity.

Why are little Black kids sambo dancing?
What the fuck is a chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side?

I would like this to be the devious plan of a devious white CEO somewhere but I doubt it.
Some Black people just have no self-awareness and have decided that sambo dancing would be the next hot thing in the clubs.

All that's missing is the watermelon with the cotton field in the background and this would be an advertisement for slavery.
Blackface on black people, that's the next trend. Remember who told you this first.

- In regards to racial awareness and sensitivity, I recently had an Internet stalker named email me about the word nigger.

Here was his email,

  • I can see that you are still clueless. Realization has yet to set in on you. Let me help you out: What other ethnic race uses a despicable, derogatory term to describe itself, AND think that somehow it is OK? In and outside of the US other races of people cannot understand why we lag so far behind, why we have yet to make a sustained impact on this society, why our accomplishments are measured in a few rather than the many. Just part of the problem is the mind set of people like your author of "Nigger" and yourself who just can seem to get beyond that tragic word and its usage. You are right about one thing though, I am smart and I am educated, my role models are those of our race that have come before "up from slavery" and recognized what a growing number of African-Americans already know. We are a great people when we put our MINDS to it. Give that some thought, who knows the light might turn on for you as well.


    We are African-Americans, not NIGGERS!. Wake up, grow up.
He sent more, if anyone cares I will post it.
I don't know where the hell that came from or who this guy is but it is clear that some black people are sensitive to race issues. But I guess he thought that emailing me, anonymous blogger #5484958 would really end the use of the word "nigger" or any of its variations and that was the most important issue facing black people today...

Anyhows, my boy set up a Yahoo! Photo Gallery with a "Nigger of the Day" theme outlining the most ignorant behavior in all races each day. Shit is hilarious.

So I'd like to post the link to it in honor of my anonymous stalker.

Definition of a Nigger

Help fight Niggerdom in all its forms, even if it's in a dance called the "Chicken Noodle Soup."


  1. those videos aren't showing up.

  2. is broken right now.

    They got me.

  3. No other race has been in our situation. Personally calling myself an African American makes as much sense as a Navajo man calling himself native american. Unless you consider the history a big hazing to welcome us in.

  4. Nice to see you back bro, I was losing faith for a minute.