Wednesday, March 12, 2008



  1. Hay Man I just wanted you guys to remember that this Obama guy is like Black, well you know just in case y'all forgot and all. I didn't mean no harm.


  2. I will give her 5 points for cajones...most people are only willing to say that online...where you don't know who they are.

  3. Unbelievable that Geraldine Ferraro said it, and spineless of Hillary to give such a mild response to it. But she already did that on 60 minutes with regard to the Obama Muslim smear. Also, Bill Clinton o said something to the effect of: so what Obama won Sount Carolina, Jesse Jackson won those states twice in 84 and 88. IN other words, all the niggers win South Carolina.

    Shes playing dirty, which is ok if you have some real dirt about money, illegality, impropriety, etc. Unfortunately, she thinks being black is dirt. Being black and beating you in a campaign isn't dirt. I hate her, and what smidgen of respect i once had for her is now gone. Forever.

    BTW, Olbermann ethered her.

  4. As a registered independent I am now resolved not to vote Democratic if Obama does not get the nomination. If Nader is on the Ohio ballot I am voting for him.

    Between Ferraro, Bob Johnson and this James Manning character

    it's clear the Clintons are using their surrogates and Uncle Toms to "Willie Horton" Obama