Monday, March 10, 2008

The Greatest TV Show of All Time Died on March 9th

Regardless of the warts and missteps of this fifth and final season of The Wire, I will miss it dearly. We will never see a show that digs into the roots of the institutions that fail us daily and make this country the flawed empire that it is.

Thank god Cheese got got!

May David Simon's brilliance live on and may all these wonderful black actors get a chance to act another day.

Now onto the Shield and Generation Kill.


  1. Illest title for a post possible. Love it.

  2. I loved how it ended...cyclical just like the issues it deals with.

  3. yeah this thread title was ill. that show man, Im gonna have to cop all of the dvds, just to preserve it, because we may never get another one like it. Its been 15-16 years since boyz n the hood and menace II society, and nothing has approached that since.

  4. im almost a month late, but this show was REAL. anyone who doesn't like it, it's only because of THAT. im gonna get the box set when the 5th season comes on DVD. i got to meet seth, mike and jaime a few weeks ago at the HBO show. you can check out the pics on my page.