Sunday, June 10, 2007

Start Snitching Soprano's Prediction

(Best hair ever)

I know I'm cutting it close to the finale airing but I just wanted to be on record as predicting Tony's downfall at the hands of Paulie Walnuts. Good prediction site here.

Reasons why,

  • Paulie was friends with Tony's dad and Tony admired him growing up. All of Tony's largest problem come from his blood or near blood connections.

  • Paulie snitched about Ginny's fat joke to the NY family.

  • Tony showed his hand by almost killing Paulie and then backing away from his impulse.

  • It seems like he helped botch the hit on Phil Retardo.

  • I had a bizarre dream where Paulie shoots Tony. The fact that I am dreaming about this show means that it really does need to end.

Happy watching y'all.


  1. Worst copout ending in recent TV history. Just terrible.


    We need a Genarlow Wilson post. Some punk ass State Attorney General Thurbert Baker, a black man no less, is going to appeal the ruling that set Wilson free.

  2. That ending was horrible. Of course, I expected the whole series to have been imagined by the autistic kid from St. Elsewhere.

  3. Was this a door opening just incase James Gandolfini can't shake his mobster image? WTF? It hasen't even aired here and I am mad about it!

  4. I think I loved that Sopranos ending.

    I'm still not sure but I know I miss that show already.

    It may not have been the greatest but it was great in a way no other show is.