Thursday, June 07, 2007

Snitch of the Week: 5/27 - 6/2 (Regal Cinemas)

I've been waiting my whole life for a device that let's you snitch on your fellow moviegoers. Regal Cinemas has ended my wait.

  • Moviegoers would receive remote devices that allow them to silently page theater staff if something is annoying them, whether it be another person talking or making noise, something wrong with the picture, or movie piracy. Those doing the snitching become members of the Regal Crown Club loyalty program, which allows them to accumulate credits toward future box office and concession stand purchases.

Paid informant?
Regal Cinemas is a theater I can fuck with.

While few things beat movie hopping on a Saturday, nothing ruins that experience like other human beings.

For making snitching as simple as pressing a button, Regal Cinemas is the Snitch of the Week.


  1. If only people could get one for their homes. Hit a button and the cops are there. The hood would be a safer place.

    Press 1 for crack dealers.
    Press 2 for child molesters.
    Press 3 for rapists.
    Press 4 for robbery.

  2. Sign me up.

    If someone messes up my Transformers movie experience I may kill them without one of these things.

  3. Man, I didnt know they did that! Should make moviegoing more interesting, lol.

  4. Thank god no more annoying ass reactions to every scene n niggas claiming they gon shoot up the movie screen

  5. I plan on purchasing one of these and just walking around with it.