Thursday, June 07, 2007

Send That Bitch Back To Jail!

Everyone is trying to figure out what kind of bullshit happened for Paris to get out so damn fast. Besides being a rich white girl.

One could easily write a passionate thesis on America's obsession with sanctity of white women and the failings of the justice system (Genarlow Wilson anyone...)

But not me, I'm still too disgusted to give it much attention.
I just wanted to share the best line I read on the Interwebs about this whole affair.

  • - "How did she get out so fast? She must have banged the sheriff."

    - "Maybe, but she did not blow the deputy."

You gotta love the Internet.
And even better, after reading that I just heard that she's been ordered to court tomorrow and may go back to prison. Who cares about 3,500 dead U.S. soldiers in Iraq when this circus is going on?

How much you wanna bet Bush ordered Paris' release as a smokescreen?


  1. For some reason, Paris Hilton reminds me of Marie Antionette.

    I guess it's the way she lives in her own little world, where she can break and bend rules as she pleases.

    I guess it's also in the way she seems totally oblivious to what's going on in the outside world.

    So what if kids are starving and troops are dying half a world away.

    I expect her to say at any moment "Let them eat cake."

  2. She definitely needs to go back and this is so off the subject but I really need ABC to give Isaiah back his job. That man did rehab, nonsense commercials’ and numerous apologize and you still don't renew the contract...?
    ABC hates Black People!!! lol

  3. The cops have grabbed her ass and they are headed back to court as we speak.

  4. She really is Marie Antoinette.

    Except she was dragged out her house in handcuffs and may end up in prison for another 3 weeks. I love it.

    P.S. - Isiah Washington is a dick. He did other things besides yell out faggot every day.

    ABC was laughing their asses off bc they knew they were going to fire him despite all the hoops he jumped through.

  5. Not only did she get dragged out of her home in handcuffs, she cried like a bitch all the way back to the slammer. I'm loving every minute of this!

  6. thank you Paris for helping me laugh my ass off all day.

  7. Sorry beyotch...
    She has done less for society than any other sloth known to us, but yet and still she manages to rise...At least the judge sent her back where she belongs! Boo-yah!