Monday, April 06, 2009

The Repression Begins

(Yo sit back, relax, sipping Coganc's...)

I almost missed this story, but universities have started moving away from need-blind admissions process. It makes perfect sense when you consider the beating university endowments took in the market, but it doesn't make the social implications any less sinister.

What this means is they want rich kids who won't apply for financial aid. Can you guess what racial category these students will overwhelmingly fall into? European notions of free college and health cares are starting to look pretty good huh?

It is pretty disheartening to think of the private elite universities becoming even more insular, white and upper income. Actually it's pretty fucking sickening.

  • Some admissions officers and college advisers say richer parents are taking note of the climate, calculating that if they do not apply for aid, their children stand a better chance of getting in.
    “They think their kids will have more options,” said Diane Geller, a college counselor in private practice in Los Angeles and president of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, a nonprofit group that represents private academic counselors. “And anecdotally, it would seem that that’s the case.”

At the social experiment I obtained my B.A. from, A.K.A. the University of Michigan during the affirmative action trials, there were mixed signals as to how effective affirmative action is a tool of racial inclusion, but at least the effort was there.

However that effort is over now that many schools have started scaling back on affirmative action due to a series of unfortunate state ballots that repealed race-based considerations as reverse discrimination.

It is triply damaging when you read up on the failures of HBCU's who now have white valedictorians.

  • An Associated Press analysis of government data on the 83 federally designated four-year HBCUs shows just 37 percent of their black students finish a degree within six years. That's 4 percentage points lower than the national college graduation rate for black students...

    ...At 38 HBCUs, fewer than one in four men who started in 2001 had completed a bachelor's degree by 2007, the data show. At Texas Southern, Voorhees, Edward Waters and Miles College, the figure was under 10 percent.

As our Repression, (Depression + Rewecession) as I like to call it, snakes its way through all aspects of American life many social advances of the last few decades will be reversed quicker than anyone can have imagined.

It's a good thing Obama ended race in America. Although under these new admissions policies he might not have made it into the Ivy's that so proudly rep him.


  1. Just be happy you weren't at UofM during the 06 Prop 2 fiasco. I was, and it was a shitshow.

    While minority enrollment has not gone down below its already meager percentages, campus climate in Ann Arbor has certainly suffered from the continued attacks on affirmative action.

  2. About to post this on my FB page. Thanks for the article and your thoughts on it.

  3. Yea I can imagine what it was like during the Prop 2 bullshit.

    I would like to here the anti-AA people's arguments now that schools are openly saying they would like richer students.

    It hurts poor white people but minorities clearly get most of this shotgun blast.

  4. White people...thats funny. Some day you will all wake up and realize its not fucking 1960 anymore.

  5. I guess what I mean to say is that the answer to your question "Can you guess what racial category these students will overwhelmingly fall into?" Is asian and latino. This is the case for southern california at least. The white man is now a minority in SoCal. Up with the white man!