Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Relapse Indeed

Does Eminem realize he's one of these pop culture icons as worthy of derision as any reality show castoff / pop star of the week?

It's clear from this video that he has lost all drive, talent, wit and satirical relevance. Here is he making references to events that at their most recent ended a year ago.

Who gets excited when they here this?
Who does it amuse to hear the infiniteth Britney/Winehouse joke?
Or to watch a listless bloated steroid-added Dr. Dre play the foil to Eminem?

Oh and there's a Rainman joke in there too.

What's even worse is the precedent Eminem has set. We are all now subjected to a string as Asher Roth's that everyone in the industry is in a rush to co-sign because they want to claim they supported him before he sells 2.3 millions CDs to frat houses all around the country. But instead of coming from a place of comity with the black experience, as Eminem has tried to do with his background and all, rappers like Asher Roth come straight from the frat house and revel in their awesomeness. It is more than grating.

But I can't really add more to the Asher bashing than what Pitchfork has thankfully already done.

Here's what I'm trying to figure out.

Do I hate Eminem because I am no longer in high school where even then, I had to take this humor in small doses?

Or is he doing what he's always done?

I ask this because I don't have the constitution to go back and play his old records. Paul Wall will satisfy all of my white rap needs. Hell, Weird Al spits harder than this.


  1. Em's album dropping, combined with the whole Asher Roth thing is going to give self-loathing white bloggers with a similar upbringings, and (even though they'll never admit it) racial viewpoints as Roth a fucking field day.

    Yeah, bash on Roth for attending college and rocking an Obama shirt. I'm sure that Pitchfork hack did neither.

  2. Weird. I had almost the exact same reaction. Like, word for word. The song blows, the beat's wack, and it makes it hard to remember that he was ever mentioned in the company that he was. Good call.

  3. uh this is nothing new for Em. he puts out a lame 1st single for every album & gets people talking about it because he makes fun of easy targets.

  4. @Knockout Ed
    Exactly, he has done this for every single major release. No big surprise. I didn't even bother listening to this whole track. I can't say I have high hopes for the rest of the album either though. Maybe he'll surprise.

  5. @Joe Friday:
    There's nothing wrong with voting for Obama and attending college. Or being white.

    I think I did that. Minus thew white part.

    Roth's speaking for a college experience that rich white boys tend to assume everyone has. He's clearly appealing to white frat boys but doesnt want to admit that.

    The same way you mention that white bloggers dont want to admit they cosign with Asher. (That might be true to some degree.)

    @everyone else - Em has done this over and over and each one gets worse. This one is the most irrelevant and musically offensive of the batch. It's even worse because he's waited 5 years to drop it.

    The rap he could do and actually ends up doing is tragic.