Friday, June 27, 2008

Alms For the Rich

(He thought this was over?)

What kind of white privilege fuckery is causing Obama to feel he is responsible for paying for Hillary Clinton's debt?Is this some bizaaro version of "white guilt?"No one told her to pay Mark Penn a million a month and buy golden donuts for her staff and to keep running well after it was impossible for her to win.And now he has to beg his donors to pay off her debts?Between this, FISA, and the 2nd amendment dust up, Obama and I might need a little break.


  1. From the Times article on Obama's newly conservative policy positions: "In the last week, Mr. Obama has taken calibrated positions on issues that include electronic surveillance, campaign finance and the death penalty for child rapists..."

    You're not half as pissed as R. Kelly.

    And yeah, at the risk of retroactively validating claims of primary season sexism, Hillary certainly does appear to be whoring her support.

  2. He needs some of her votes and knows this. He's just playing the game

  3. Obama is the the DEMOCRAT nominee. By virtue of being a Democrat or a Republican you become invested in the system. Like jp said, he's playing the game. What you thought a change was coming? Like Nas said, he made you look.

    Look Obama as President is gonna be a damn sight better than Bush(tho this guy set the bar so fucking low i reckon Dan Quayle would be better) but don't get it twisted. People had rose tinted glasses when it came to Bill Clinton only to realize just how slick Willy actually can be during his assault on Obama during the primaries.

    The system is fucked and anybody that joins it is part of the problem. It can't be fixed from the inside, it has to be scraped and new one formed. And i don't neccessarily mean by violent methods either.

  4. Of course Billy Clint is singing a different tune. Namely, "kiss my ass"

  5. That shit is like paying child support for another man's kid.

  6. Many people are angry about this but the one thing no one is mentioning is that it is customary for the winner of the primary to help the loser pay off their debts. There's also a certain limit that can be paid back. So if Obama really wants Clinton's support, he has to appear to be a gracious and generous winner.
    Side note, Clinton has publicly stated that she has her personal campaign contribution covered.

    This is a non-issue that people are upset about because they're not getting the back-story.

  7. Hey there...

    Oh you didn't know??

    These white girls surely KNOW how to get their bills paid! See... in slavery... the free labor worked from sun up until sundown just so that Miss Anne was taken care of financially.... well now the presumptive nominee is working sun up to sundown so Miss Hillary can be taken care of financially...



  8. I like your intincts on this one, but this IS political tradition. VEE is rght on this one. And homegirl forever trapped in the slavery narrative: there's more to this story, you shouldn't go there at the drop of a hat. It cheapens the metaphor. You come off as just having finished African American Studies 101.