Thursday, August 14, 2008

Um, I Twitter

Not sure how many of y'all are doing this Twitter shit, but I broke down and I'm going to fuck with it for a month or so.

See how it holds my attention.

My page is here and I am posting my updates directly to this blog, so if you have any interest in miniature versions of my rants, you know have that option!


  1. First time poster here.

    Came through to say I just started watching The Shield (partly cause of some old posts I came across of you giving a ton of love to the show) and its just INSANE. Great stuff. Its intense from the start and never lets go.

    I'm about midway through the second season. Hoping to catch up for the final season. I'm going at a pretty quick rate.

    Sorry for the (irrelevant to this post) rant.

    Btw, on your twitter thingy I saw you mentioned that you copped the new Madden. Whats your thoughts on it?

  2. add me on twitter.....trappedalive

  3. Don't ever let it be said that I in any way seemed to disparage the venerable interbutts institution that is Twitter, even indirectly, but I miss updates on this blog. A lot.